Sedona is a powerful vortex on the planet in which the veils are thin due to the high frequency of the spiraling energy. Accessing higher dimensions is easier within this high frequency immersion and why Sedona and other sacred temple sites are so conducive to ascension. Join us for a powerful immersion experience into the high frequency vortex of Sedona!

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William Henry

Matt Kahn

Maureen St Germain

The Hurtaks

Michael Jaco

Billy Carson

Alan Steinfeld

Ascension Panel

Paul Selig

Susanne Wilson

Brad Olsen

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More About Sedona Ascension Retreats

For the last 8 years, Suzanne Ross has been offering 2 Equinox events a year. Each year, the event has grown and flourished. In 2023, Suzanne moved her event to Sedona's premiere event venue, The Sedona Performing Arts Center. With over 500 people present, the world's most prominent thought leaders and spiritual teachers presented onstage. Suzanne's events also include spiritual journeys into Sedona's sacred vortex sites as well as multiple workshops. There are also plenty of retail and food vendors. It is a spectacular 3-day event. The 2024 event will be held at the Sedona Performing Arts Center once again on March 8-110. The details and tickets will be available on the website August 1, 2023.

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