It's time for a new paradigm of healing.  
Merging ancient holistic principles with remarkable
modern research, Susana Puelles, L.Ac presents
The Radiant Health Network. 
Featuring an insightful, natural approach, we can
clarify the safest path to transforming your health
based on epigenetics, mind-body science, herbs
and diet, lifestyle, sleep, relationships, and spiritual
life to help you bust through the constrained medical
model and leap into Radiant Health.  

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More About Susana Puelles

Susana Puelles, L.Ac. helps women get into head turning shape, with unstoppable energy and confidence, without giving up joys like carbs or chocolate.  As a functional medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist, susana has helped thousands of patients enjoy happy, pain and symptom free lives.  With over a decade in practice, Susana has cracked the code on the safest, natural approaches to reversing auto-immune, hormonal and weight imbalances.
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