Mysterious Sedona


Tom Dongo has been one of the world's leading paranormal researchers for decades. He has written seven books on the paranormal phenomenon in Sedona, Arizona. He is a world-renowned remote viewer and his psychic abilities are highly tuned in. His ability to traverse dimensions and connect into vortexes and inter dimensional beings has opened him up to extraordinary experiences.

He has one of the world's largest collections of paranormal photographs. On his new show, he will be sharing those photographs along with the intriguing details about the hundreds of close encounters he has had! 

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More About Tom Dongo

Tom is world-renowned for his contact experiences in Sedona, Arizona and specifically at the famous Bradshaw Ranch. He was featured on network television for his footage and photos of paranormal activity taking place at this well-known hotspot. Together with Linda Bradshaw, they captured hundreds of photos of UFO's, orbs, Bigfoot imprints, light anomalies, interdimensional windows and even mysterious beings.

In his best-selling book. Merging Dimensions, Tom discusses in detail the paranormal activity he witnessed for over 2 decades. He is convinced that in hotspots like Bradshaw ranch, a phenomenon takes place that allows multiple dimensions to bleed into each other revealing high-strangeness and giving us a peek into what takes place in dimensions beyond our own.

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