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John Farris is a contemporary, visionary jewelry artist working with precious gemstones, natural crystal, raw mineral, and Boro glass.  John’s studio is situated in the majestic heart of Sedona, Arizona. John’s professional career began in Northern California in 2010, where he realized his gift for creating beautiful adornments that are hand spun and woven with Sterling Silver and Gold filled fine wire.  John’s pendants organically unfold purely from his intuition. He makes no plan or designs. Each gemstone or crystal is meticulously enrobed with heart opening, sweet energy to activate vitality and wellness.  His pendants have been independently tested by radionics instruments that measure the life force vibration of objects. His creations have been given the rating of “self-sustaining vitality.” This means they are emanating stable and vital energies. The weaving and coils act to amplify the crystal he chooses for each of his pendants.  Many customers comment on the tangible feeling of them and the sensation of wellness while wearing his pieces. John’s motivation as an artist is to be of service to the world by creating beauty while uplifting the Soul. In this way, John hopes to inspire others to reach their highest potential.

John’s custom designs are sought after and Internationally recognized. His works have been featured in Andrea Smith Gallery, Atlantis Gallery, Peace Place, Crystal Magic, the Melting Point Glass Gallery, and many others.  In 2018, he was awarded an exclusive teaching role at the “Artist in the Classroom Program” in Sedona, Arizona. John is also exhibiting, as a contest finalist, ten pieces of his exquisite work at the Artistar Jewels contest during the 2019 Milan Fashion Week.  John Farris’s designs are full of light and hope. His latest expansion has been Boro glass torch work, paired with found wood, created into larger glass sculptures.

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Crystal Pendant Artistry

Vandanite Amulet

This gorgeous Vandanite offers clear focus on goals and a Strong connection to the earth. Powerful coils amplify the effects of the crystal.


$688.00Add to cart

Super Fancy Ruby

With Quartz Crystal Beads, this Fancy Ruby will add a feeling of royalty to your day! A ruby crystal wrapped in gold and sterling silver.


$1,444.00Add to cart

Sweet Amethyst

This precious oblong amethyst offers purification and protection wrapped in coiling gold & silver fine wire for amplification.


$777.00Add to cart

Abstract Amythest

An eye-catching treat! Abstract Boro Silicate Glass Amulet 12ct. Gold and sterling siver fine wire.


$1,444.00Add to cart

Drama Queen

A delicious combination of a 25ct Peridot and a 17ct Ruby! High vibes and absolutely stunning. Wrapped in gold and sterling silver fine wire.


$3,200.00Add to cart

Star Key 7

This aqua aura needle is wrapped 7 times with gold coil for highly charged energy! Weaves of gold and silver fine wire activate this piece.


$777.00Add to cart

Royal Design Amulet

This deep and rich 69.7ct Brazilian Amethyst is wrapped in gold & silver with silver chains that add a royal flair to this stunning amethyst.


$1,777.00Add to cart

The Amazing Spinel

Appreciate the spiraling beauty, grace and symmetry of life with this amazing spinel! 25ct White Spinel Crystal, 17ct Blue Spinel Crystal.


$1,888.00Add to cart

Destiny's True Color

A statement of beauty & energy! This gorgeous 17.9ct Brazilian Amethyst and Pearl resting in a nest of Amber chips wrapped in gold & silver.


$2,000.00Add to cart

Smoky Golden Rocker

This smokin' rocker features carved and polished 12ct Smoky Golden Rutile Quartz Crystal wraaped in gold & silver fine wire.


$2,220.00Add to cart