Ascension Guides and Gatekeepers, Suzanne Ross and Tracey Ash, bring you an activational new series designed to activate the 13 Ascension Gateways on the planet, in your chakras and in the cosmos. They will connect you into the planetary and cosmic gateways and align them with your respective energy centers. By harmonizing, synchronizing and activating these gateways, you will be attuned to the planetary and galactic ascension frequencies. As your 5 bodies, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and etheric, are energetically transformed, your 7 chakras are cleansed, cleared and illuminated. Ultimately, you are tuned into your 13th Soul Star MerKaBa, the Eye of the your Eternal Soul Essence.

Suzanne and Tracey have been divinely called to fulfill their co-creative mission of heralding in the ascension by raising the love-light frequency of their brothers and sisters on Planet Earth. They are both attuned to spiritual technologies that facilitate the ascension process to include igniting dormant DNA, supercharging synapses to bring more of your brain online, reuniting you with your multidimensional soul aspects, clearing karmic patterns and shadow energy from ions of incarnations and aligning you with your eternal soul essence.

Join us on this activational journey and together we will activate the matrix for global ascension! 


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More About Gateways

Suzanne Ross has dedicated the last 25 years of her life to enhancing the well-being of others through her services, books, shows, SciSpi.TV network, events and retreats. She is fulfilling her assignment here on earth to awaken, inspire, empower and enlighten humanity during this time of the ascension. By offering educational, entertaining and enlightening books and shows that include teachings, tools and practices like meditation, movement and manifestation, she elevates the conscious awareness of her students and clients while raising their love-light frequency and aligning them with their own planetary and galactic mission. Check out her books, audio downloads, sessions, services, events and shows on her personal website.
Tracey Ash is a force of disclosure on revolutionary consciousness technologies, sovereign humanity pathways, Planetary Grid and smashing False Matrix. Tracey Ash is a Global Ascension Leader and New Earth Builder, Initiated Sufi, Alchemist and Mystic. She is an Ascension and Meta-Physics Maverick and Contact Genius. She was trained at world-class College of Psychic Studies, London. Her commitment to her mission brought an honorary membership award from PSI Science Institute Japan and an invitation to research me as a gifted healer with Emoto Foundation. She is creator of Ascension University, Avatars of The Earth Gathering, and Center of Ascension, Egypt.. Author of four books including The Ascension Maps and Wound-weaver. She is host of Underground Mystic. Check out her website to see all Tracey has to offer along with the retreats and events she is hosting: