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Brad Olsen is a publisher, author, speaker and world-traveler who has now created three television series which showcase his world adventures as well as his books, speaking engagements and interviews. Brad takes us along on a fascinating journey to sacred and mysterious sites with these intriguing series which include: Antarctica By Sail, Journey to Sacred Places and The Esoteric Circle.

Brad is the author of nine books and has been writing about his world travels for decades. His first book World Stompers became widely known and he followed that up with his Sacred Places series. Well-versed on esoteric wisdom, he then released his Esoteric series.

Join Brad as he traverses the globe on an extraordinary adventure into the known and unknown. With Brad's creative concoctions, you will enjoy every minute of their remarkable journey!

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More About Brad's Adventure

Brad Olsen has set out on a remarkable journey into the heart of South America. For decades, Brad has been writing about fascinating places around the world. Culminating with this trip, which includes an excursion into Antartica, Brad will have explored all 7 continents! Not only does Brad travel to the world's most intriguing places, he engages in a deep exploration of the history, culture and sacred beliefs of the indigenous peoples who reside there. He dives into the mythology and inquires about the local legends. He immerses himself into the energy of the places he visits so he can feel, taste, hear and touch the flavors, sights and sounds. As a prolific writer, Brad shares the essence of the sites he visits and reveals the known history as well as the unknown secrets that lie hidden within the ancient past. What he discovers is that the esoteric wisdom and hidden knowledge lay the foundation for these sacred and mysterious sites and influence the culture and consciousness of the people who call it home.

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