What is my cosmic connection and where is my true home? These are the questions we are asked the most at Atlantis Sedona Metaphysical Center. To answer that we simply have to look up above to the heavens and connect to the billions of stars and planets.

Akashic Records & Cosmic Connections is about helping you not only connect to your own star lineage but to the many others that you may meet each and every day.

We will have two types of episodes. One which is full of current galactic information and also shares interviews with other star seeds just like you. The other will be the answers to the questions you send to us and includes the high vibration products we sell and how to use your energ,  crystals, intentions and images most effectively to attune and upgarde positive to cosmic connections.


Amanda Romania
Amanda Romania

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More About Amanda

Amanda Romania is an international author, intuitive healer, speaker, teacher of metaphysics and a highly respected visionary spiritual mentor. Amanda specializes in spiritual mentorship, individual and collective empowerment and evolution, initiation work and skillfully brings forward the understanding of how cosmic and universal energy can be applied to everyday life experiences and most importantly, to create a positive global imprint.

Her work includes mentoring as a Master Akashic Record Oracle and Librarian and as such, Amanda is able to generate solutions, provide higher perspective, insight, tools and coherent ways to incorporate evolved spiritual practices that are highly beneficial to both professional and personal development. She has a passion and purpose to support others on their spiritual journey to engage individuals with their heart and essence to fulfil and align with higher purpose.

Her specialized work examines the past, present, future timelines and also the lives between lives for healing, clearing, and clarity as well as the destiny of the Nations around the globe. For the past 20 years Amanda Romania has been a teacher of spiritual principles and holistic arts and loves to help others discover their cosmic heritage and starseeds family lineage.

Her Atlantis Sedona Metaphysical Center is located in the heart of Sedona, Arizona and here she is interactive with all the cosmic races and star councils.The center has highly activating images, jewelry and crystals to allow you to recreate your own star gates, portals and communication.

Amanda also leads sacred journeys around the globe focusing on the ancient wisdom but most importantly to identify the star gates and ascension vortexes to allow others to understand their connections in those locations to the cosmic realms above.

Amanda Romania has written several books such as Akashic Therapy, Cosmic Akashic Connection and The Oracles of Egypt.

Amanda Romania



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